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Electronics Rocks 2013


Last weekend, Electronics for You (EFY) folks organized a very interesting electronics related conference (called as Electronics Rocks) at NIMHANS convention Center Bangalore. I got a chance to attend the conference after a long time. The primary objective was to attend the hands-on workshop organized by Kits and Spares folks on their Mango Pi development […]

Embedded self learning kits


Embedded systems is been my area of interest, ever since I attended computer networks course during my engineering days. In those days mainly networking devices were meant to be primary source of embedded systems as custom designed hardware and software would make networking (packet switching, routing, configuration & management etc…) faster. As a student Linux […]

Networking – Chapter VII [Transmission Control Protocol]


Networking – Chapter V [Inter Process Communication]


Networking – Chapter IV [Advanced aspects of Sockets]


Networking – Chapter III [Socket Programming]