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BOOK REVIEW : I am Saravanan(Vidya)


BOOK REVIEW : I am Saravanan Vidya Price: 100 INR Author: Vidya (A transgender’s autobiography) India is a strange country! In spite of (so called) globalization, many of our core societal issues still remain unsolved – transgender inclusion being one of them. Some time back I wrote a post about Hijras in India, highlighting the […]

Third sex, Third class, Third world


Let us talk about ‘Hijras’, known as ‘chakka’, ‘ali’, ‘napunsak’ depending on the state/language you belong to. There is very little understanding among educated, elite Indians about life of Hijra. We normally see them begging in trains by showing strange gestures, which is often not accepted according to our societal norms. Our media (be it […]