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Ten types of Innovation – Concluding notes


With article on Bigbasket, the ten part innovation series comes to an end. When I understood the innovation types (created by Doblin) way back in 2011, my idea was to apply it from Indian context and make case studies fitting various types. It took two long years for me to complete this series with decent […]

Innovation – Type 10 – Customer experience innovation [Case: Bigbasket]


The tenth and final type of innovation is around customer experience, which is all about creating a superior experience to customer’s entry to exit. In India many players attempted to do online grocery store for quite some-time now. It is extremely challenging business in Indian context (logistics, poor roads, unpredictable traffic, varying climate conditions etc…), […]

Innovation – Type 9 – Brand [Case: Decathlon India]


It’s time to catch-up with ten part innovation series. The Ninth type of innovation on Brand is about how offerings are expressed to customer to their benefit. It’s been quite a bit of challenge to identify a right case for this innovation, finally nailed it with Decathlon sports India. Decathlon entered India as a sports […]

Innovation – Type8 –Channel [Case: New Horizon Media]


In our ten part Innovation series, let us look New Horizon Media’s channel innovation as the eighth article. The book publishing business has gone thru multiple changes in the recent years, which I have been covering in my part articles. India, with diversified set of languages offers significant opportunity for the publishing industry both in […]

Retailing – Mallu Chettan way!


About 5 years back the organized retail was portrayed as the ‘next-big-thing’. Big players (like Reliance) were flocking into this space, where many of us (including me) feared that small retail shops (run by fellow mallu chettan/annachi) will vanish overnight. However, today its totally different picture, where small players not only survived, but also came […]