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Ten types of Innovation – Concluding notes


With article on Bigbasket, the ten part innovation series comes to an end. When I understood the innovation types (created by Doblin) way back in 2011, my idea was to apply it from Indian context and make case studies fitting various types. It took two long years for me to complete this series with decent […]

Innovation – Type 10 – Customer experience innovation [Case: Bigbasket]


The tenth and final type of innovation is around customer experience, which is all about creating a superior experience to customer’s entry to exit. In India many players attempted to do online grocery store for quite some-time now. It is extremely challenging business in Indian context (logistics, poor roads, unpredictable traffic, varying climate conditions etc…), […]

Book retailing: Traditional v/s online


Recently I had a casual conversation with owner of a large scale book store. His is a family owned business, been in book retailing for decades with great passion for reading. Upon further discussions he mentioned about his book retailing business heading south (for months together) due to the emergence of e-commerce portals like Flipkart. […]

BOOK REVIEW: The new age of Innovation


Author(s): CK Prahalad and MS Krishnan The context of innovation has been over the years. In the world of business (especially the ones which are consumer centric) providing superior ‘customer experience’ has become the core, on which organizations build their competitive advantage. However building this customer experience (which varies from one customer to other) is […]

Innovation and its unsung cousin Execution


Everyone loves the word Innovation, including my good friend and co blogger Jayakumar :). Companies love to call their products and solutions as Innovative. It looks terrific on resumes and billboard commercials. MBAs are taught courses on Innovation and as a consequence cannot complete a presentation without using that word at least once. Now, I […]