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Book review – The speed of trust


Price: 500 INR Author: Stephen MR Covey This book was suggested to me quite some time back (by one of my mentors) got a chance to complete it recently. Written by Stephen MR Covey, son of Stephen Covey (senior), Speed of trust is a wonderful account of trust building in human relations. Personally, my experience […]

The crux of coaching


Every year 5th September is celebrated as Teachers day in India. We were preparing a custom greeting card for our little one (to share with her teacher) to demonstrate a good gesture. Around the same time my mind started thinking about teachers, coaching and positive impact it creates individuals. The process of coaching doesn’t end […]

BOOK REVIEW: My journey – Transforming dreams into action


Author: APJ Abdul Kalam Price: 195 INR For most Indians, reading about Abdul Kalam and his work is always an inspiring item. Post retirement, he started off his journey into writing by scripting his auto-biography titled ‘The wings of fire’, followed by some popular books like Ignited Minds, Envisioning an empowered nation, Turning points etc. […]

Book review: Employees First, Customer second


Author: Vineet Nayar Price: 499 INR (Audio version of the book) Employees First, Customer Second (EFCS) is creating buzz for a while now! Coined by HCL vetranVineet Nayar, this term has created a bunch of different interpretations, perspectives and discussions. I picked up audio version of this book from Reado, mainly to bring pace  to my reading habit. Listening […]

Choice and Adversity


It’s always fun to act against gravitational force! Last Sunday Karnataka state went for election where I got an opportunity to vote.  After completing the process, multiple thoughts started occupying my mind. In countries like India, it’s very easy to sail the stream of cynicism starting with political system by asking simple question like “what […]

Bowling coach to Sachin Tendulkar – Make sense?


Of course it doesn’t make sense! Why do anybody want to appoint a bowling coach to the greatest batsman that cricket has ever produced? Why do we want him to get better with bowling when he is so good at batting? He has been pretty decent part-time bowler who bowled few overs and got some crucial wickets […]

Sustainability Vs Delivering on numbers


For organizations it is always a challenge to balance between delivering numbers (ex: quarterly financial results) and balance our long term strategic priorities (ex: new business). At an individual level also we face similar dilemma, especially at leadership levels. Typically in annual business planning activity would identify certain goals with specific targets. Popularly known as […]

Leadership dichotomy: Compassionate Vs. Ruthless


Let us start with two case studies. Case-1: Consider a situation where one of your top performing members (person A) in the team is going thru a serious personal problem. The problem could come in many forms (love/affair failure, wife pregnancy complications, parents/kid having serious illness, perennial conflicts at home etc.) which make the individual […]

Who is the real “top” performer?


The performance management or appraisal system is one of the most debated topics around the globe, irrespective of the organization. After seeing different systems in different organizations, I come to a conclusion that most of them operate with same fundamentals. It can be summarized as follows: What an individual has done in terms of given […]

The importance of hanging in there when things dont necessarily go your way


Nothing succeeds like success they say… There is an incredible “High” that success brings to you and your team. Everyone has a spring in their stride, the energy levels are high and there is spotlight that your team is basking on. Even as a manager, you are able to more easily keep your team motivated […]