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Bowling coach to Sachin Tendulkar – Make sense?


Of course it doesn’t make sense! Why do anybody want to appoint a bowling coach to the greatest batsman that cricket has ever produced? Why do we want him to get better with bowling when he is so good at batting? He has been pretty decent part-time bowler who bowled few overs and got some crucial wickets […]

When Tendulkar drops a catch, Dhoni doesnt have to tell him to focus


Its a big Test match and India are desperately looking for wickets to tighten the noose around the Aussies. Ishant is streaming in and bending his back on a wicket that is providing the assistance needed for a determined bowler – bounce and movement off the seam. The Rainas and Kohlis have been doing their […]

Building an organization – The Chennai Super Kings way


For those who have been following the recently concluded IPL, the Chennai Super Kings win should have come as no surprise. They were the most consistent team and played every inch the champions that they are. I can think of quite a few areas where businesses can learn from the way CSK played and won. […]