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Favorite books list


Recently I was talking with my colleague about book reading habit, he was asking me to get a list of my favorite books. Few years back I created a list consisting of my favorite books using Google drive (it was called Google docs then). This list grew over the years when my friends started adding […]

BOOK REVIEW: My journey – Transforming dreams into action


Author: APJ Abdul Kalam Price: 195 INR For most Indians, reading about Abdul Kalam and his work is always an inspiring item. Post retirement, he started off his journey into writing by scripting his auto-biography titled ‘The wings of fire’, followed by some popular books like Ignited Minds, Envisioning an empowered nation, Turning points etc. […]

Useful Tamil websites


I have been an avid follower of Tamil Internet, which has grown into leaps and bounds over years. All dimensions content, technology and choice of contents is getting enriched day-by-day. Following are some of the useful sites which I follow: Blogs: Writers: Web sites: […]

BOOK REVIEW: You don’t need a godfather


Author: Elango R Price: 250 INR Success is one of the key items that each of us wants for sure. Be it personal or professional sphere, succeeding and winning given immense feeling of accomplishment to individuals or teams. In the corporate world success, especially in the long run depends not only on skills but also […]

BOOK REVIEW : I am Saravanan(Vidya)


BOOK REVIEW : I am Saravanan Vidya Price: 100 INR Author: Vidya (A transgender’s autobiography) India is a strange country! In spite of (so called) globalization, many of our core societal issues still remain unsolved – transgender inclusion being one of them. Some time back I wrote a post about Hijras in India, highlighting the […]

BOOK REVIEW : Smoke and mirrors


BOOK REVIEW : Smoke and mirrors Price: 300 INR Author: Pallavi Aiyar Two hundred years ago, Napoleon Bonaparte said ‘Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world’ referring about China. The very statement become a reality today, as the dragon country literally started shaking the world in all dimensions – be […]