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  1. Dear Jay, I feel proud of you for being publishing so many articles and blogging and still having passion to share and influence the professional community (people matters, my Bangalore, The SmartTechnie and Blogging innovation) . I am sure your thoughts are reaching many in the industry and able to learn from it. Your articles not only give the depth of the topic but also the breadth. Your most recent article about Building Effective Leaders giving a deeper insight about identify strengths, coaching process along with your professional experience in these aspects.
    Thanks, Vaidyanathan Ramalingam, Director – Engineering (Test), Huawei

  2. Vaidya: Thank you very much for your encouraging words. I sincerely hope it would help in bigger context of professionals. Request you to provide your valuable comments for individual posts, so that we can make it as a learning/thought exchanging platform.

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