Writing resumed!

Its been more than an year since I stopped writing!

Its time to update about what happened for the past year and a half. During 2009, one of my friends from MyBangalore asked me to write columns about Technology and Business in their city focused a niche portal, which was just out of the womb. I shut down my blogspot site to explore new dimension in writing, that too with a huge challenge of keeping my articles city centric. It gave me tremendous experience and exposed me to various interesting aspects of online media industry in India. Today, MyBangalore has grown leaps and bounds and I am happy to be one of the early contributors.

In the mean time, multiple personal and professional priorities kept me extremely busy, because of which I was not able to write regularly. At workplace I was able to make significant contributions by being part of building next generation web connected printers. It gave me tremendous opportunity to build a new solution from the scratch by winning so many battles every day. This also gave me an unique opportunity to work with many talented, committed and exceptional individuals who made it possible. This new idea is still in the hands of early adapters but the R & D experience I gained was definitely very rich. After bringing the overall solution to a reasonably stable state I decided to move out of HP, given better responsibilities. Joined Huawei Technologies about 6 months back still in the process of learning whole lot of new things. At personal side things changed rather become much better. Our little one is growing up very fast, its so much of fun being a parent. She has become our center of life by bringing so much of happiness and a new meaning to our life. Its been very challenging for my wife to manage her.

While so many changes and challenges, I was able keep up and do well with most of them but writing. It was hard to be away from writing as it has become my second nature. I also realized it not about being busy, but taking time out to do the things I enjoy most. After setting few other priorities correct, I have decided resume writing by having my own site. Thanks to Godaddy, I was able to setup this one within a week’s time. I also changed my mindset about writing. I am not going to have any target in mind. Often I tend to quantify everything, which eventually takes the pleasure of doing it. So, I will write whenever I feel like, which takes the pressure off. I will continue to write in the similar lines (Technology, Business, Books, Society), hoping to add more personal updates as well.

Thanks all for encouraging me directly or indirectly by writing comments, emails or passively reading it over the years. I hope this website would make our connections even stronger. Looking forward to hearing from all of you. Ah! Finally one big disclaimer – This is totally my personal blog filled with my own expressions, opinions and viewpoints. It has no relation with my present or past employers.