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Jayakumar Balasubramanian


Professional: After completing engineering degree in computer science from NIT Warangal, I moved into Bangalore for obvious reasons. I have more than  a decade of professional experience in the product engineering space. I am part of entrepreneurial leadership team of Emertxe Information Technologies, a growth stage venture. We are a set of individuals driven by passion for Education and Technology, highly focused to make a difference in whatever we do. In my current role I handle organizational strategy, marketing and technology delivery.

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Passionate about: Technology, Business, India, Books and sleeping

Background for writing: Way back in 2006, I locked myself into a hotel room in north-western part of US as I didn’t knew how to drive a four wheeler. After surfing the net for hours together, the idea of blogging dawned, which resulted in my first blog titled ‘Straight from the Gut’. I really started enjoying writing as I was able to express myself and connect with like-minded folks. After taking a break during 2010, re-stared my writing by purchasing this domain. I have also contributed my articles to in few portals, which can be accessed by clicking here.

Contact information:

E-mail – b.jayakumar@gmail.com

Twitter – http://twitter.com/jayab

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