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As a team at Emertxe we are contributing into Electronics For You (EFY) and Open Source For You (OSFY) magazines quite regularly. This is to ensure share our knowledge with broader electronics / open source community that consist of students, enthusiasts and professionals. I have been contributing to this initiative as well, here are couple of my recent publications:

  • Open Source software engineering: The open source phenomenon is not only about getting free source code, it is also providing excellent tools to manage it. We are running this as a series by giving details about individual open source tools. Here is the link to my article titled ‘Open source software engineering’ which I called how these tools are helping to build effective and quality software.
  • Industry report on educational kits: While there are tons of hardware available today in the market, an average Indian student finds is difficult to use these boards / kits. Lack of documentation, distributed resources and lesser access to technical support are the barriers that is preventing larger chunk of community to use these kits and build cool products. EFY folks ran a detailed article where inputs from multiple people are compiled and published. Here is the link to the report titled ‘Educational Products and Services – Sector Needs Focus’.

Have a look into them and let me know what you think.

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