Choice and Adversity

It’s always fun to act against gravitational force!

Last Sunday Karnataka state went for election where I got an opportunity to vote.  After completing the process, multiple thoughts started occupying my mind. In countries like India, it’s very easy to sail the stream of cynicism starting with political system by asking simple question like “what is the point in voting? Will it really make any difference?” . On contrary when things are going well and positive (in both personal and professional spaces), we tend to go with the flow because naturally enjoy that. However when things go wrong (or lot of cynicism around), it creates an uncomfortable situation for an individual. During such adverse situation, it requires tremendous amount of self courage (or mental stamina) to act against gravitational negativity.

Consider the following examples:

  • Every other political party and leader appears to be corrupt. What can I do about it?
  • For team, created plan ‘A’ but due business situation, complete plan needs to be scrapped by creating plan ‘B’. As a leader of the group how can I handle this?
  • In leadership responsibility, there are many things that are outside my sphere of control but still hold accountable when things go wrong. How do I answer myself during such situations?
  • There is enough and more political and positional advantages enjoyed by certain individuals which makes the situation full of ‘grey’. How do I navigate thru this?
  • Issues/mistakes made in the past are passed on as a ‘legacy issue’ which requires needs to be solved with no head-or-tail information about core of the problem. How do I handle this?

In such adverse situations, no formal education or quick fix stuff would work. It requires a lot of self courage, derived from character and say “yes, I know things are not great, it’s hard out there. But I am stick to basics by doing the right thing in a step-by-step manner. Such situations are temporary, not a reason for me to do wrong things”. After gaining more personal and professional experience (or getting older) I could see such situations can arise out of nowhere which can suck complete energy out if not taken care properly. So it requires stronger willpower to hold on the guns when things are not going in favor, fighting against gravity.

The power of choice, especially during adverse situation matters a lot, which eventually makes all the difference in the long term!

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