Reading in mother tongue

After getting into Engineering English language took the center stage as the medium of instruction. Except for oral communication with friends and family, the opportunity to use mother tongue (Tamil in my case) had come to a logical end. The professional life thought me the importance of English all the more as it was the only common language used to communicate with folks around the globe. However internally I was missing something, which probably I can’t explain in words. After eating, breathing and learning in my mother tongue for initial 17 years of my life, it was not easy.

For the past 4 years, things started changing thanks some great happenings in Tamil digital and print media. I started reading few interesting Tamil blogs referred by some like minded people. Contrary to the popular belief, non-English contents (especially Tamil) is growing at an alarming phase in the Internet (put stats).  It is a great pleasure to re-connect with Tamil content after a decade. Thanks to innovations happening in Tamil publishing industry, I am now reading translated version of bestsellers in English. Both content and language is of my choice, which has taken my reading habit into a new dimension.

After developing serious reading habit for the past 8 years, I have come to an opinion that nothing can substitute the pleasure of thinking, reading & understanding things in your own mother tongue. While English has definitely taken center stage for making a career, learning in mother tongue is amazing. This probably also explains why many of the Asian countries (especially Japan) is so successful by giving preference to Japanese language.

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