Billion beats

Recently, Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam has launched fortnightly e-newspaper ‘Billion beats’. This is a welcome initiative as the internet medium is reaching every corner of India. Got a chance to read the first edition yesterday and it is very good.

Check out this link for the latest edition.

5 Replies to “Billion beats”

  1. All wishes Mr. Kalam’s Billion Beats -World’s first ex-president to
    launch an e-paper. His art of Management using all the latest
    developments in modern technology aiming the progress of the country
    with his dedicated service has become a part and parcel of everyday
    life, be it at home, in the office or factory and in Government. In
    all organizations, where a group of human beings assemble for a common
    purpose irrespective of caste, creed, and religion, management
    principles come into play through the management of resources, finance
    and planning, priorities, policies and practice. Management is a
    systematic way of carrying out activities in any field of human
    effort. Management need to focus more on leadership skills, e.g.,
    establishing vision and goals, communicating the vision and goals, and
    guiding others to accomplish them. It also assert that leadership must
    be more facilitative, participative and empowering in how visions and
    goals are established and carried out. Some people assert that this
    really isn’t a change in the management functions, rather it’s
    re-emphasizing certain aspects of management.
    Its task is to make people capable of joint performance, to make their
    weaknesses irrelevant, says the Management Guru Peter Drucker who
    envisaged social responsibility for the first time. It creates harmony
    in working together – equilibrium in thoughts and actions, goals and
    achievements, plans and performance, products and markets. It resolves
    situations of scarcity, be they in the physical, technical or human
    fields, through maximum utilization with the minimum available
    processes to achieve the goal. Lack of management causes disorder,
    confusion, wastage, delay, destruction and even depression. Managing
    men, money and materials in the best possible way, according to
    circumstances and environment, is the most important and essential
    factor for a successful management

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