‘Chak De India’ and ‘Corporate India’

Here is couple of interesting links:

“Winning is everything”

“Chak De India enters management books”

Another movie has come to the lime-light of the corporate world – ‘Chak De India’

In the movie, the hero (kabir khan) takes-up the herculian task of coaching women’s hockey team and finally the team wins the women’s world cup. Starting from building a team with complementory skills, the hero demonstrates elements like patriotism,leadership and personal experiences to make the movie interesting.In 2001 ‘Lagaan’ created lot of exicement by taking up a similar story. These type of movies get huge popularity ranging from companies to b-schools. Even though these type of movies are really vital to have a ‘positive’ thinking going among Indians, they take us very far from the reality. Added to that the movie directors smartly add the required ‘sentimental’ elements to tap the average Indian fan and make the movie as a box-office hit.

These type of movies portray one ‘super-hero’, who turn things around for the team. After watching the movie, everybody gets inspired but expect that super-hero to come. Corporates try to gain some mileage out of such movies by making their team members to watch this movie and have some coffee-table discussions. They expect their team members to come more nuclear to perform better as a team. But where is the super-hero to unite them? Thats where the fun begins. End of the day nobody comes forward to take up the real ‘responsibility’ and these type of movies simply end up a formalities rather than accomplishing something concrete. No super-heros are made just by watching a two hour movie. It requires ample amount of effort added with commitment for a cause to make any signifcant impact. As long as corporates don’t
understand this reality, these type of movies will simply be a time-pass formality.

“D.O” — Two simple letters

I really liked the caption of TOI’s ‘Lead-India’ initiative: “D.O –Two simple letters”

Keeping my opinions apart, this is one of the very few initiatives which really emphasizes about ‘doing’ something rather than ‘talking’ about it. In my point of view doing is the only solution for all the problems India is facing today — be it poverty, illetracy, pollution, politics or traffic problems. As ‘Argumentative Indians’ we tend to ‘talk-talk-and-talk’ about every other issue on the planet and do nothing about it. Every Indian is aware of all the problems surrounded by him. When it comes to taking concrete actions to attack the problem, we fail miscerably.

If I look back the post-independent history of India, there is very little that is ‘done’ compared with the amount of planning or talking.I can satisty myself by saying ‘mera bharath mahan’ and point out our achievements in certain areas. Is there an example in India where doing took more precedence than talking? where can I see a group of individuals delivered great things by working as a team, which had significant impact on the society?

Recently came across some photographs (see pictures below) which shows some of the ‘from-the-scratch’ pictures of Indian space program. These men really did something in the post-independent India by building something ground-up.

The pictures above speak two simple letters – “D.O”